World Cup 2022: Qatar’s Moral Police: What do they do and what are the penalties after non-compliance with the rules during the 2022 World Cup?

The assignment of Qatar as host of the 2022 World Cup was surrounded by controversy from the beginning. Not only because of the sporting culture of the Middle Eastern country, but also because of the written laws and accusations of non-compliance with some fundamental human rights and freedom of women and LGTBQI+ people. One of the most controversial bodies in Qatar is the so-called Moral Police.

Fans from the various nations participating in the tournament have been able to see first-hand how Qatar operates and how it enforces its laws.

The Qatari Moral Police (Gasht-e-Ershad) are undercover law enforcement officers who roam the streets and ensure that the population follows the country’s laws, rules and customs to the letter.

These agents aim to protect the ‘sharia’, a Qatari law that focuses on establishing moral standards, both in terms of public and private life of individuals.

One of the codes to be followed is, for example, prayer, which is performed five times a day. In addition, the population is discouraged from getting divorced and is even forbidden to steal, lie and consume alcohol.

The rules to follow for World Cup fans

Although fans of the 2022 World Cup do not have to follow these laws, set for its population and not for tourists, they should keep in mind that, like anyone else, many other rules must be respected.

For example, women are not allowed to show shoulders and knees and it is requested that clothing is not provocative or tight-fitting. For men there are also rules, such as not being allowed to wear T-shirts with a V-neck and not being bare-chested.

As for greetings, tradition dictates that the right hand must be raised to greet men and the hand should be raised to the heart when addressing women.

In addition, no photos may be taken of official buildings or Qatari residents, unless express permission is granted. Displays of affection and affection are, of course, also to be avoided.

Penalties for breaking the rules in Qatar

During the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the financial and prison penalties a fan may face are:

Consuming alcohol on public roads, from 806 euros to imprisonment.Consuming drugs, from 806 euros to imprisonment or deportation.Littering in the street, from 2,685 euros.Failure to comply with dress codes, prohibition of entry to the premises.Homosexuality, one to three years in prison.Making obscene gestures, from 805 euros to six years in prison.Infidelity, up to seven years in prison.

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