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New winter Premier League ball for 2020/21 season released: the Hi-Vis Nike Flight is on sale now

Nike Flight
(Image credit: Nike)

As is customary for the Premier League, we've got a brand new hi-vis match ball for the winter months - and it's just as beautiful as the original Nike Flight

This yellow version will be debuted in the Premier League on November 21st, right after the international break. Similarly to the current ball, it utilises the textbook "hyper royal" blue and "laser crimson", along with a "hazard tape" pattern for higher visibility.

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Of course, all the same technology that goes into the Nike Flight is there too. The Flight came after Nike spent eight whole years improving consistency in footballs, developing AerowSculpt technology. The result is that these balls fly through the air better than ever before.

Two similar versions have been released for the buying public: the match official Flight version that will be used in Premier League games, costing £124.95, and a more affordable £24.95 Premier League Strike ball, which also comes with a cyan, "hyper royal" blue and "laser orange" colour scheme option. Both are already available to buy.

Nike Flight

(Image credit: Nike)

“I always love the introduction of the Hi-Vis ball as it adds another dimension to the game,” says Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane. 

“We’ve seen an incredible start to this season with the new Nike Flight Ball and I’m excited to see how this Hi-Vis version performs.”

He's not wrong, either. Could we possibly put some of the more bizarre results of the season - 7-2s and 6-1s, come to mind - down to the Nike Flight ball swerving a lot less in the air? Perhaps. With added wind and reduced light over the next few weeks and months, goalkeepers have at least been given a lifeline with such a bright new ball, though. 

Nike Flight

(Image credit: Nike)

The Nike Flight ball has been really well-received, either way. Its minimal design has gone down a treat and judging by how many Premier League players have netted hat-tricks so far this season, we're guessing that plenty of them are keen to grab a match ball of their own, too.

With Christmas just around the corner, it's the perfect time for players and fans a-like to invest in one, right?

Buy the official Hi-Vis Nike Premier League Flight ball for £124.95

Buy the Nike Premier League Strike ball for £24.95


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