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The worst kit your club ever had - according FourFourTwo readers

Roy Keane
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You get excited for it. You hear rumours. You see some fancy mock-ups that a fan has done on Twitter. And then the new shirt gets released and it's the worst shade of pink possible in the palette. You're going to look an idiot if you buy that. 

We've all been there and bought the t-shirt - some of literally bought the horrible pink shirt even though we knew it was against our better judgement. But since it was #FootballShirtFriday last week, we thought we'd ask you for the mingers in your wardrobe; the duffers in your drawer. 

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The pink one was pretty awful. The snakeskin shirt was abysmal. But can we shock you? The zebra one isn't all that bad...

Arsenal's aquamarine nightmare was a bizarre one. Not bright enough to look exciting, not pale enough to look classy. Such a strange, stretchy mess.

...and no, the red home kit, with random pink rings around the sleeves, was no better that season. 

Another pale teal mess, here. What is it with clubs doing monochrome badges, too? Just stick with the colour one, for goodness sake. 

Honestly? We're not sure if this is a bad kit or an average kit that Sir Alex Ferguson himself convinced us all was bad. But no roundup of bad kits is complete without it, so here it is. 

Who gave Warrior the keys to Liverpool? Appalling effort all round. Surely Liverpool's nastiest kit... 

...oh, no, spoke too soon. Inspired by the dragon shirts that that kid used to wear to the school disco in Year 5. 

Gonna have to disagree here, Alex. This is so awful it's come back into fashion, friend.

This is pretty lazy, isn't it? No one wants their team to go identikit... if you pardon the pun. 

Stanley have had some iconic shirts in recent years - we're thinking of the Wham one. But this? This is not one of them. 

So much going on. Shocking haircut from Hamsik doesn't add any style. And they combined it with a bad-looking sponsor, too. Bet they got laughed out of fashion capital Milan on away trips. 

Show this to anyone who doesn't know the story of Cardiff City changing their colours to appease an owner's superstitions and they won't see the big deal with this shirt. If you know, you know. 

Newcastle United have had a few bleak efforts but the Solero shirt really takes the biscuit (or ice cream). The fact that ill-fated Northern Rock are splashed across it only makes it worse. 

Now that's the kind of tweet we were hoping for when we posed this question. Comical overreaction from fans, naff jersey and a fan posing for a photo in it with a big grin. Nick - you win a gold star, sir. 

We prefer not to speak. If we speak, we are in big trouble. 

OK, everyone write down their best baked potato jokes and send them in to the editor, please.

It's easily the worst Premier League shirt this season. Not even an oiled-up Adama Traore can pull off that mess. 

Chocolate and cream is a bold choice for a 21st Century football shirt. If nothing else, it's commendable that Tottenham Hotspur tried something so ambitious. 

Does this fella like any of Aston Villa's shirts?

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