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Quiz! Can you name the most expensive transfer in Europe every season since 2000?

Kai Havertz
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Five minutes on the clock, 21 players to guess. 

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The transfer season is a sport all of its own. One that brings the worst out of all of us, as we sit cheering our teams on from the comfort of behind our screens, refreshing the rumours feed on sports websites, and trusting any old avatar on Twitter who claims to know someone working at the Chelsea club shop.

This is the season that makes fools out of all. The season in which we convince ourselves that £20m for an uncapped English full-back isn't that much money; where we think of the most ludicrous swap deal that could feasibly happen; where we threaten to disown our club if they don't invest last season's TV money into a wise purchase.

This season, it's felt a little different to usual. It's more about who your club can sell rather than who they will buy - with just about everyone panicking all the way up to deadline day.

Can you remember who's defined this strange time of year over the seasons?

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