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Quiz! Can you name every Champions League top scorer since 1999/2000?

Robert Lewandowski
(Image credit: PA)

You have four minutes to guess the top scorer from the last 20 seasons. 

Remember to tweet your scores @FourFourTwo, and challenge some friends while you're at it.

THEN TRY Quiz! Can you name every Champions League semi-finalist since 1994?

The Champions League is where stars are born - hence the logo. But over the last twenty years, only a few footballers have nicked the top scorer of the competition. 

Tonight, Robert Lewandowski's not just looking to send his side to the final of the tournament - he's looking to join the ranks of top scorers 

We all remember the key goals later on in the tournament, but it's easy to overlook who's actually scoring the most goals - given that so many of them can come in the group stages of the competition. 

Today, we're looking for the players who've reached that top-scoring figure every year since the turn of the cenutry.

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