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A collection of the absolute worst unpopular football opinions

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You're sat in the pub, watching the game with your mates - COVID-19 allowing - when one of you gets a little brave. 

"Actually, I think Pep Guardiola isn't all that." 

Controversial, right? Now imagine that you're behind the safety of a screen and FourFourTwo are openly asking you for your most unpopular opinion to do with the beautiful game. Let the battle begin. 

On Monday, we threw the question out to Twitter and Instagram. There are no wrong answers, of course, but some of them are a little bolder than others. 

X player is overrated, Y player is underrated

Well, given how good the original Ronaldo was, we have some sympathy for this one. Not a lot, though.

Unpopular opinions

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He's certainly become more appreciated over time - but the most underapprecated player of his era?

We'll never know, but it's a fascinating idea, Ritchie. 

Unpopular opinions

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Ahh, Jonny Evans's burner account on Instagram. Good to have you as a follower, Jonny. 

Sir Alex Ferguson - and Ryan's own extensive medal collection - may beg to differ on this one.

Of course, we received opinions about Virgil van Dijk...

Unpopular opinions

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...but this one over on Instagram definitely caught our attention. A bold shout, indeed.

Ed supports the club that Manchester United bought Edwin van der Sar from. Come on, man. 

The laws and the game itself

We do seem to be spending longer than ever debating the nuances of the laws and refereeing decisions.

OK, too far.

Tom makes a sound observation about EFL and non-league supporters. The key word remains "overpriced", though.

Unpopular opinions

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Anyone fancy a goal-hanging free-for-all of mayhem? This November 5, make sure to commemorate a Guido who wanted to blow up the basic rules of football.

You just know that Christian is one of those tricky players that you can't jockey with in a five-a-side without him calling foul. 

Tottenham Hotspur have nine goals from their past two matches.

The seriously controversial

See also: Diego Maradona’s goal of the century. He just ran slowly and kicked it.

Uh... huh.

Sergio going all in, here. This man is not easily impressed - there are three Ballon d'Ors between those players. We can only imagine that he has impeccably high standards for the footballers he chooses to watch.

Same for Javier. We dread to think what he and Sergio would score each other on Come Dine With Me

Unpopular opinions

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America? The World Cup? In just two years' time? We can only imagine he meant the World Series.

Just... facts

Some would argue he was a top-class player anyway. Two Champions League titles under his belt, too. This is a bit of a "Best of The Beatles" opinion.

Who doesn't love Mike Dean telling red carded players "off you pop" and Diego Simeone making a beast of himself on the touchline?

Nothing controversial, here. 

Well what else would it be, Erlingur?

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